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Is this another secret drone base on the Arabian Peninsula?

Well done to Danger Room for finding the needle in the haystack. On Thursday, the blog posted this article showing an insanely remote military airstrip being built in the Saudi Arabian desert on the border with Yemen. 

Looking at the satellite imagery, the base is almost certainly the secret drone base the United States is using to conduct UAV strikes in Yemen; it's got those beige "clamshell" tent-hangars that are a ubiquitous feature at expeditionary drone bases around the world. It's also smack dab in the middle of nothing. I mean nothing (that's why they call it Rub al-Khali -- the Empty Quarter). The crew at Wired remembered to look in Bing maps instead of Google maps. (We should have thought of this. After all, it was Bing maps, not Google, that had photos of the North Carolina mockup of Osama bin Laden's compound that the Navy SEALs used to rehearse for the May 2011 raid to kill the al Qaeda leader.)

Guess, what? That Saudi facility is not alone. Last night, we found another possible drone base in the Yemeni desert relatively close to the Saudi site. The Yemeni airstrip (shown above) looks relatively new and is of a very similar layout to the Saudi base that's being built. One thing that's missing, however, is those clamshell tents. In fact, the airstrip and the substantial military-looking compound a few miles to the northeast that's connected to the runway via a dirt road look almost abandoned.

Here's one more nugget we found. Below is a screenshot from Wikimapia showing the site of the Saudi base before it was built. Notice how it's just a few tents and a twin engine turboprop plane tucked amid the dunes of one of the most remote and forbidding locations on Earth. Pretty impressive. These finds have to make you wonder where else there are hidden airfields like this literally sprouting out of the wilderness.


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