Jeffrey Lewis

The Iran Nuke Extension Is a Death Sentence

With an angry GOP Congress ready to levy new sanctions and a new generation of Iranian centrifuges spinning up, we can't wait another four months.

The last time I was in Vienna, I happened upon a little street vendor selling mulled wine in paper cups to guard against the frigid air. When I heard on Sunday that the nuclear negotiators agreed to another four-month extension, I thought back to that Vienna evening and wondered if the negotiators had been partaking themselves. Then it occurred to me: This sort of mass delusion is usually served with ... oh, never mind.

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Yoda Has Left the Building

Andy Marshall, 93, has been the Pentagon’s futurist in chief for over 50 years. He hasn’t had a new idea since the 1970s.

Well, the news is out. Andy Marshall is finally retiring.

Last year, word leaked that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was considering shutting down Marshall's Office of Net Assessment and shunting him off into retirement. The decision was framed in terms of sequestration, but you can't balance the budget with Marshall's meager $5-10 million budget.

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No, the U.S. Doesn't Have Plans to Nuke North Korea

Where did the idea for a "nuclear umbrella" come from, anyway?

At this point, you've probably heard plenty about Leon Panetta's new book, Worthy Fights.

But it's not just in Beltway foreign-policy circles that Panetta's memoir of his time as President Obama's secretary of defense has caused a stir. The book is a hot-button issue in northeast Asia, too, with several South Korean newspapers claiming Panetta considered the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea in 2011. The JoongAng Daily, for example, headlined its article "Leon Panetta reveals nuke plan for South Korea." The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based daily newspaper, titled its story "Leon Panetta's memoirs tells of willingness to use nukes in Korea."

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Fight Club: Israel Nuke Edition

The first rule of Israel's nuclear arsenal is that there is no Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Pssst. Come closer. I'm going to let you in on one of the U.S. government's most closely guarded secrets.

Make sure you are sitting down, because what I am going to tell you will blow your mind. This is so close-hold that if a U.S. government official were to so much breathe a word about this, she should would lose her job. Ready?

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We Don't Want to See Iran's Full Monty

Why forcing Tehran to reveal all about its nuclear past is not only TMI but totally unnecessary and potentially devastating.

Not so long ago, the editors at Jezebel wrote a helpful guide for men entitled, "Should You Send a Lady a Dick Pic? A Guide for Men."

As you might guess, the answer is always no. Yes, the ladies know you have one. She still doesn't want to see it, OK?

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